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Why Free Katie?
I found Free Katie on a whim and now it's become part of my daily routine. I come here for laughs, for giggles, for entertainment and to read some of the wittiest, funniest and insightful posts on the 'net.

My Theory on TomKat
It could have worked. It should have worked. But it hasn't. This is where poor casting can kill a project. Katie Holmes was simply an inexplicable choice to be Tom Cruise's third wife. I think there's a contract, Katie is simply a woman for hire and once that contract is up, we'll get the standard "Tom and Katie have amicably decided to separate but remain the best of friends whose utmost concern is the upbringing of their daughter."

My Personal Statement on TomKat
They're idiots, which I don't necessarily find offensive. But I do find it offensive that they think I'm an idiot and would believe what they're saying.

My Favorites
Favorite authors: Jane Austen; Ann Rule; Mary Higgins Clark; Beverly Barton; Joseph Finder

Favorite t.v. shows: Law & Order SVU; The Closer; The First 48; Supernatural

Favorite actors: William Powell; Jimmy Stewart; Cary Grant; Clark Gable; Gregory Peck; Johnny Depp; George Clooney; Morgan Freeman; Denzel Washington; Barry Pepper; Tom Hanks

Favorite actresses: Joan Crawford; Norma Shearer; Bette Davis; Myrna Loy; Kate Winslet; Jodie Foster; Meryl Streep

Favorite films: The Thin Man movies; The Woman; Office Space; Pride & Prejudice; Sense & Sensibility

Favorite music: Almost anything but rap! Duran Duran; Pink Floyd; Led Zeppelin; Journey; Def Leppard; Cinderella; Stones; The Who; Peter Frampton; James Taylor; Gordon Lightfoot; almost anything from the 80s; various classical

Favorite foods: Mexican!! (particularly Miguel's Jr. from Southern California); my mom's sour cream poundcake; serious weakness for ice cream

Favorite colors: Purple; Turqoise blue; Green

Favorite vacation spot: Daytona Beach, Florida; Hawaii

Fantasy vacation spot: England; Italy; France

Fantasy career: Successful writer and bookshop owner, living by the ocean

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    Your post from 12/29/09 about Suri's children outfits... No wonder people are reminded of JBenet-Ramsey - a name that is a mixture of a standard IQ test and a name of what? A stripper?!
    Love ya!. Many panda hugs,


    Reply from psychoticstate:

    Thanks for the comment, cuckoo. Sending panda hugs and love your way too! image

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    image psychoticstate

    I like you playlist. that song cars it is good.


    Reply from psychoticstate:

    Thanks, UYTC and right back at you!! image Glad you enjoyed the playlist - - I love 80s music and had a great time putting it together.

    Hope to see you around the boards!

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    Kitty lovers of the world unite! We WILL take over this planet with our demonic furry armies! Lay down your flea spray and surrender your catnip now!
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